Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fish Tails

I got to thinking about our pets today. Our yellow lab (pictured a couple posts down) has gotten sick and is at the vet for an overnight stay. We miss him. He is more a part of our family than we realize. That's what got me thinking about our fish. Now, seriously, you cannot cozy up to a fish. You can't pet a fish. You don't really tell your troubles to a fish. Well, at least in our house we don't do these things. But nevertheless, they are still our pets. We feed them, change their water regularly (try to), and enjoy them swimming so effortlessly in the water. So I figured I might as well give them their due time on the art blog. They are really quite amazing. Even though it might be a stretch to call goldfish art, I think anything that can breathe underwater without the help of some apparatus is pretty darn lucky. So featured here today is Fisher the goldfish, in artistic form.

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brittany said...

ooh, i enjoy these, as i did your night scenes. i'm proud of you for keeping up. i would do the same thing, if i had a computer that didn't crawl.