Friday, April 3, 2009

Art Under the Deck

We got some sun today! But unfortunately, I sat at my desk all day. It seems as though the only time I've had the past couple of days to get out and do my artsy endeavor is when the sun is nearly down. Good thing for me that the light of the setting sun is probably some of the most beautiful light of the day. Case in point, it can transform even the grungy underside of my deck into a sparkling wonderland. The first photo is evidence. Icicles drip onto the obnoxious aqua blue swimming pool that yearns to be filled. It sits tucked in the corner near the lattice work that hides other summer yard products, waiting to be used. Little do these dormant items know that they are the perfect backdrop to a photo that will immortalize the last remains of winter. Ha ha!

When I ducked out from under the deck I saw a small strip of earth uncovered near the base of the house. The brown, deadish looking weeds looked so lovely in their tangled mess. Repeating little oval leaves connected by long strings. Kind of gothic. Almost like a little lace doilie. I liked it.

For someone who considers herself a portrait photographer, I sure am taking portraits of odd subjects, huh?

On to the info:
Blue Summer Icicles: f 4.0, 1/125, ISO 200, 17-40mm (little to no adjustments, just a bump in saturation)

Weed Doilie: f 4.0, 1/30, ISO 200, 17-40mm (Convert to BW, ran a fun action called "gothic glow," but toned it way down, added original back on top and took the opacity down.)

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Hollee said...

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe it's because this winter has been crazy long and no end in sight. Maybe it's because you are so amazingly talented. BUT! All of your pics of ice/snow/wintery stuff are beautiful! Every one on here!! Seriously, gorgeous!

Annie, you rock!