Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools' Day

Today is April 1st. April Fools' Day. I am wondering if God has a sense of humor. He must, seeing as how he just dumped 10 inches of heavy snow on us. I bet he's just chuckling away. "Boy. Those guys thought they were on their way to Spring! Ha!" Well, if nothing else, it makes for some beautiful subjects. Today's art is another photo (which I'm guessing you've figured out will probably be the good majority of what you'll find here). It's a lilac bud on the gigantic lilac bush we have here at work. It so wanted a little warmth and sun, but alas, instead it got a good old coat of white.

I've included 2. I want your opinion. To crop or not to crop? I like the space given on the un-cropped version, but I love that you can see the little snow crystals on the second. What do you think?

Info on "New Snow, Bud":
f 1.8, 1/750, ISO 100, 50mm lens with those cool little Vivitar screw on close-up lenses again. I used a +2 and a +1 together today. Those babies are tricky. I tend to shoot rapid fire with them since if you even breathe you're going to be out of focus...

Hue/Sat adjustment, Curves to burn a little. Sharpened up the bud a little. That's it.


Anonymous said...

I like the cropt image.

Hollee said...

I like the un-cropped one! I think it would be pretty in as a large print with a dark matte. But I'm so not artsy, so I may be way off!

Fab stuff Annie! you are awesome!

brittany said...

i think you need to remember how you're viewing your art. if the viewer is looking at this photo matted on a wall, the cropping is un-needed. if it's going to stay on this site, the cropping does make you look closer at the details. but in all.... i do like the uncropped frame.

Andrea Baumann said...

Point well taken Britt! (I thought of that, but wanted everybody to see the detail, which you can't see online...)