Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art on the Wall

I said I might post some more images of this room, and here they are. My kids are full of creativity and energy. (Actually a lot more of the latter . . .) They bring home wonderful pieces of art each and every day. My frig runneth over with crayon & marker drawings of our dog, skies and flowers, and multitudes of light sabers and Death Stars. My friend Miranda had this wonderful display method hanging on her wall, and I stole the idea for the boys' room. Just two curtain rods with the curtain clips to hold the art. Love this idea. And it's also nice because you can change out the pictures daily, weekly, or whenever you want a change. I gave a row to each boy, although my oldest's art dominates both. Enjoy!


The Petersons said...

That is a great idea! Mind if I steal it? :)

Hope said...

Awesome idea. I might have to steal your friends idea to!! thanks for the inspiration.

Ginger said...

Very Cool Idea!!!