Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Art of Getting Clean

As stated in my previous post, it's Spring. And that equals dirt in my house. Dirt on the floors, dirt in the air, dirt on shoes, and especially dirt on my children. Under little fingernails, in hair, on skin . . . everywhere. So today after we had been out in the garden doing some pre-veggie-planting maintenance, we came in and jumped in the tub. After much cavorting and splashing and (thank goodness) scrubbing, my littlest wanted to linger. He sat in the centimeter of water left in the bathtub and slid around for a good ten minutes. He played with his toes and fiddled with the washcloth. Finally he was done. He was a new little man, with hair slicked back, toes and fingernails gleaming like white raisins. The masterpiece that is a clean child will not go unnoticed in my house.

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Sweet Mary Sunshine said...

Wow - look at those lashes! Have I told you yet that I love this blog?