Thursday, July 23, 2009


No excuses (other than it is an extremely busy summer—seriously). That's all I'm going to say about that.

I have a thing for flowers. And I am not biased. I like flowers even if they are considered weeds. Each and every photo shown in this post is a weed. My youngest son and I stopped alongside the road near our house last night and wandered down a dirt path. What I found, in my opinion, are some of the prettiest little beauties around. And even though they aren't in a landscaped flower bed, or in an elegant vase on a table, they still showcase themselves in a wonderful way. More people probably get to see these gems on a daily basis than other, more cultured flowers. Take the time to notice these "weeds" . . . they are art on display everywhere! You just need to look a little harder.

And a huge bonus. LOTS of images. :) Enjoy!


Jodi Schwen: "Jacqueline Pine Savage" said...

What a feast! Thank you!!

Mandi Yliniemi said...

Hi Andrea - looking good! You are so talented. I just checked the blog yesterday - you are doing a good job at it even if it isn't every day! We all need to take a few lessons from you - enjoying the small things in life!

Andrea Baumann said...

Thanks js and Mandi! Feels good to be artsy again. :)

Anna said...

Beautiful Andrea! You have showcased God's creations wonderfully!