Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Art of Cutting the Grass

It has to be done. It just does. Well, ok technically it doesn't, but at our house it does. Mowing the lawn. I remember last year we had maybe 2 inches of rain the whole summer? I think we cut the grass once a month . . . maybe. This year we've got some gorgeous, thick green stuff just begging for a trim. And Trent gladly obliges. He cuts it at a different angle each time. Seriously. The man is a lawn mowing pro (and shoveling . . . but that's for this winter). Quite meticulous. Mowing the lawn at our house is an art form. It's carefully cut, bagged, and hauled off on the rickety little trailer. So while you may see it as a chore, at our house it is art. Because when it's done, it makes the yard look like a masterpiece.

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