Friday, July 24, 2009

Vegetable Gardens

We have a little vegetable garden. And the fruits of our labor are seen here. There's not a lot, but what we have this year is thriving, gladly, seeing as how I am much more of a flower gardener (go figure, right?). The boys have been eating up the new pea pods on a daily basis, leaving a few skinny ones hanging for a couple more days before they get devoured. They never make it to the kitchen, but that was the intent anyway. The tomatoes are still green little ornaments that tempt the kids to pluck them off, but with a stern "do not touch that yet!", they leave them alone. And now seriously, did you think any garden I have wouldn't have a flower in it? At the far end of the garden, bases surrounded by pumpkin and squash vines, stand a few sunflowers. This is the first to bloom, not even fully open yet. So pretty. I love the varieties that have the gorgeous maroon streaks within the gold petals. But there I go again, talking all lovely about flowers. Enough of that! So the art today is vegetable gardening. Amazing how you can plant an ordinary seed into the earth and receive so much. Plain old miraculous and artful in every sense.

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