Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little Girls

I am so accustomed to boys. Dirt, worms, etc. as in the previous post. So when a little vision with curly hair, cute as a button clothes and fine features stepped every so daintily into the picnic at work the other night, I just had to get out my camera. This is my co-worker's daughter, and she was just the cutest thing ever. She was just so unlike my boys. Sat quietly, talked softly, and was already making my little William blush with her long eyelashes batting away. Little girls are definitely different creatures than boys. As my Will ran crazily in circles, nose running as well, she nearly pranced behind him, looking like a little fawn. Little girls are indeed art, just as are boys. But in very different ways. :)

Oh, and on a technical note, I tried to do a "cross-process" on the last photo. Found a website that gave instructions on how to adjust your curves to get this effecct. Kinda cool, although I'd like to tweak on it some more...

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Mandi Yliniemi said...

What a cutie! I bet Janelle liked these!