Friday, May 8, 2009


Friesian horses, to be exact. Wow are these animals magnificent. Yesterday I gave myself the assignment to drive about 20 minutes north to take some photos of Friesian horses for the magazine. First of all, these boys are huge. They are a little intimidating. But I warmed up quickly when I let one sniff my hand, and the owner said "Wow. He usually is very standoffish. He must like you." Aside from being massive, they are oh so regal. Jet black mane and amber eyes. I can see how people would pay the woman who owns the breeding center to fly to Holland just to buy them a horse. Wow. With that being said, I am by no means an equine photographer. And after my shoot yesterday, I have a whole new appreciation for people like Shelley Paulson (visit her website . . . it is amazing: . . . I got to meet Shelley at a photo workshop here in Brainerd.) Horses seem to be a little bit like shooting children. You have to be quick. Ready to catch that special moment at any time. I of course, missed a few moments because I was gabbing away, or just staring at them. How can you not? So here are a couple of my favorite shots. Horses are art. No explanation needed.

(Oh, and won't you please click on each image to see it a little larger? These deserve to be seen bigger!)


Shelley Paulson said...

Wow! Nice work Andrea!!!

Hope said...

Awesome photos. I'd be interested in seeing more.