Monday, February 22, 2010

Cat Eyes

Toward the beginning of this blog, I posted some shots of my kids' eyes. I'm still really fascinated with the beauty of these orbs that nestle in our heads that grant us so much every day. I know I still take a lot of things for granted that I see, but I'm really trying hard to see the beauty in every little thing lately. From the light that glints off my dash, to the reflection on my water bottle, or the shadow that is cast by a fence as I drive down the street. How amazing are our eyes? And then you see the eyes like the ones above. I'm not sure if our cat sees like we do. Most likely a lot better. And the color... oh my the color of her eyes. So green and pure. What a great match to her silky, smoky coat. I wonder if her eye color has any affect on her vision? Ill have to research that...

p.s. The second shot was taken with a plastic Diana lens I picked up a while back, thus the softness. I really love how the gray of the concrete, along with the texture, plays with Chuck's coloring. See the white edges around her feet? (Yes, the cat's name is Chuck, and it's a girl... long story for another post... I'll have to have a post on the art of naming your pets some day.)

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