Friday, February 26, 2010

The Art of a Crisp Night

Breathe. Just breathe . . . I had to tell myself that a few times this week. Work was stressful, my husband was out of town for a couple of days (leaving me with the boys), and I have just been feeling generally un-restful. Well, today is Friday. Thank God. Seriously.

So tonight as we got home, I stepped out into the night and took a long deep breathe. Ahhhh. It was one of those winter nights where you feel like you could throw a couple of logs in the fire pit and sit outside as if it were summer. True, it's only about 30ยบ (if that), but there was a mildness in the air. Spring? No. Not yet. This IS Minnesota. But something about the color of the sky and the brightness of the moon just took over. It was so crisp, the air felt so clean. Breathe.

But, back to reality, as the kids are yelling to take baths and play with the Legos. At least the moon is still bright outside my window, and the promise of another crisp night is around the corner.

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