Monday, August 3, 2009

The Art of Getting Dirty

One of my posts a while back was "The Art of Getting Clean." Well, this should have been the post right before that . . . the prequel. I have boys. Boys love dirt, mud, and all other means by which to get dirty. In this case, the rain we have gotten lately has made our driveway a bit sloppy, especially in one low-lying area. It makes a deliciously tempting area for little boys to piddle, splash, and get generally filthy. And me, sitting back and looking on just had to have a chuckle and let them be boys for a while. No yelling to "Get out of that mud!" or "You're getting you're clothes all dirty!" . . . nope. Not this time. The art of getting dirty was in full swing, and who was I to stop it.

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