Thursday, June 4, 2009

Morning Sunlight

There's a certain quality about the morning sun that is really clean. It gives the subject a crispness that, to me, no other time of the day can. I love evening light for its warmth and glow. But in the morning everything seems fresh and new. So with that in mind, I took a couple shots of newness. The geranium bud and the sprouting green beans (you can still see where it broke out of the seed, which I thought was cool). And then there's the hosta leaf with the morning dew still clinging. So if you're an beginning photographer (not like I'm a pro or anything) , I suggest you start looking at quality of light. Does it warm your image, cool your image, wash out your image? All of these can be useful if it's what you want. Just be aware of it as you're shooting.

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Anonymous said...

nice images in the morning to start your day.